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Financial Dynamics, established in 1999 are leading business and tax accountants based in Nowra, serving not just local individuals and businesses, but also businesses out of area. We assist our clients with tax, business, SMSF and accounting services are our core function, whilst helping you and your business maximising wealth & opportunities.

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Individual Checklist

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The following provides a general summary of the information individuals typical provide Financial Dynamics for completion of annual tax returns.


□ PAYG payment summaries from your employer(s).

□ Details of your partner’s and/or dependants taxable income.

□ Centrelink statement of benefits / payment summaries.

□ Superannuation PAYG summaries for lump sums or taxable pensions.

□ Investment income including dividend statements, interest details, and managed funds tax statements, foreign source income.

□ Details of share or other asset sales.

□ Rental income from investment property.

□ Other income such as royalties, scholarships and grants.


□ Motor vehicle expenses and/or work kilometres.

□ Clothing, laundry and dry cleaning expenses.

□ Bank charges.

□ Books/journals/library.

□ Conference/professional development expenses such as registration, travel and accommodation.

□ Donations/gifts.

□ Computer equipment – hardware and software.

□ Borrowing costs/interest on investment borrowings.

□ Home office.

□ Income Protection Insurance.

□ Telephone including mobile and internet costs.

□ Professional associations and subscriptions.

□ Stationery, postage, printing and photocopying.

□ Travel expenses.

□ Union fees.

□ Education expenses such as fees, travel, textbooks and exams.

□ Rental property expenses.


□ Details of out of pocket net medical expenses.

□ Private Health Insurance statement.

□ HECS/HELP statement.

Substantiation of work related expenses

As always, it is vital to be able to substantiate your expenditure if you wish to claim them as deductions as the Tax Act requires written evidence to substantiate our claims. Financial Dynamics will assist in determining the appropriateness of the deductions and record keeping requirements.